What’s going on

150 150 Kendall Center


Bike shed excavation in Pioneer Way.

Cast in Place Concrete-
Structure complete, demobilization of material, level 1 slab on grade work.

Exterior Precast:
Precast install complete, detail precast panels on L22 and L23.

Exterior Windows:

Install windows on L21 and L22, install ground level curtain wall. and install entry curtain wall system.


Interior unit painting on L5 and L6, install unit kitchen cabinets, interior unit door install on L6, sheetrock units L10, taping units on L8 and L9, interior wall framing L14 and L15, interior ceiling framing L13, interior unit wall rough L12 and L13 with electrical, plumbing, and HVAC, plumbing risers L18-L20, sprinkler ceiling rough L18 and L19, Interior wall layout L21 and L22, install interior elevators L1-L12, and electrical vault work.


Exterior wall framing on L4, continue install and detailing on roof steel, the jobsite will be closed on Saturday and Monday for the Holiday Weekend.

What’s Coming Up:

Install level 5 roofs, install GFRC panels on L23 and L24, hoist mechanical equipment up to roof, tower crane removal 2/3/18 and 2/4/18.