Past, Present, Future

684 1024 Kendall Center

Artists: Youth Artists in the “Teen Public Art Program at the Community Art Center”
Designed: Fall 2021
Installed: June 2022

Past, Present, Future is a mural designed by youth artists in the Teen Public Art Program at The Community Art Center in the fall of 2021. Lead by artist and Teen Public Art Program Manager, Jack O’Hearn, each teen created their own artwork based on the theme of local history. As they learned about local hisotry, they heard stories of immigration, industry, urban renewal, protests, and social justice, and had access to CAC’s photographic archives. Through their artwork, teens were instructed to tell a story of local history or to include themselves as part of that history by telling their own story. Some teens chose to tell stories of their family’s immigration to the U.S. or their life growing up in Cambridge, while others were inspired by Cambridge’s industrial past and pulled source imagery from the archives. O’Hearn then integrated all of the teen’s artwork into one image, which became the mural you see here.

Teen Artists: Nadisha Chowdhury, Sarah Suarez Cuello, Vanessa Drayton, Elias Estivaliz-Liceaga, Emmet Gebremedhin, Mickey Chenyue Liao, Ethan Tejeda Rodriguez