MXD Substation Updates


In response to a call from the City Manager and in consultation with the City of Cambridge and the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority (CRA), Boston Properties (BXP) has proposed an alternative site for the proposed Eversource substation, on the site of the Blue Garage in Parcel Two of the Kendall Square Urban Renewal Plan (KSURP), located between Binney Street, Galileo Galilei Way, and Broadway. Over the past few months, Eversource has worked diligently to determine the feasibility of this alternative site, and will continue to work through the challenging technical design of the substation and high voltage access routes.

The current project proposal includes:

  • Providing a site for the substation and needed distribution infrastructure
  • Demolition and reconstruction of the Blue Garage below grade
  • Completion of 420,000 SF of housing development maintaining the commitment to 25% below market rate housing
  • Construction of two new 400,000 SF commercial buildings
  • Creation of new open space and circulation connections
  • Enhancements to onsite and nearby open spaces


The Blue Garage at 290 Binney is approximately 300,000 SF and provides 1,136 parking spaces for Kendall Square visitors and employees.

Click here to visit our Courbanize community review page for project updates and to provide feedback on open space and retail opportunities.