What’s going on

150 150 Kendall Center

Utility Work in Ames Street:
Water and sewer line extensions into site. A slight lane shift may be required on Ames Street.

Connections from buildings utilities to the utilities in Ames Street. Majority of the work will be within the site’s fenced area.

Cast in Place Concrete:
South Side of Site: Install 4th floor Peri Skydeck. Install 4th floor beam and slab rebar. Pour concrete slab.

North Side of Site:
Rebar and formwork for level 4 columns. Pour concrete columns. Begin 5th floor Peri Skydeck install. Rebar and formwork deliveries for the duration of the week.

The jobsite will be open this Saturday for all concrete related activities.

What’s coming up;
Continuing with concrete core walls, columns, and slab placements for the month of June. Exterior construction hoist install in July.