What’s going on

150 150 Kendall Center


Cast in Place Concrete-
Pour 12th floor north slab. Pour 12th floor core walls. Pour 12th floor south slab. Begin 13th floor concrete work. Concrete pours daily. Rebar deliveries for the duration of the week.

Exterior Precast:
(Precast shift time 7pm -3am M – F).   Install 5th floor & 6th floor precast. Detail precast panels, floors 2-4.

Exterior Windows:

Pre-build exterior window frames.


Level 3 & 4 plumbing rough. Level 3 mechanical rough & riser work. Level 2 sprinkler ceiling rough. Level 6 wall layout. Install wall framing level 3. Install stairs, levels 7-9.


Jump exterior hoist to level 9. The jobsite will be open this Saturday for all concrete related activities.

What’s Coming Up:

Interior masonry late August. Tower crane jump to full height in Mid-September.