What’s going on

150 150 Kendall Center


Underground plumbing on level 1.

Cast in Place Concrete-
Pour 19th floor slab. Form 19th floor core walls. Remove re-shores level 14. Concrete pours daily.

Exterior Precast:
Detail precast panels, floors 11-12.

Exterior Windows:

Install exterior window frames and window glass  level 11. Install window glass on levels 10-11.


Level 9/10 plumbing riser work. Level  5-6 in wall plumbing rough. Level 5-8 mechanical riser work. Level 8-9 sprinkler ceiling rough. Level 12 wall layout. Level 11 interior wall top track install. Install wall framing level 7. Install stairs, levels 14-16. Electrical vault block work.


The jobsite will be open this Saturday for all construction related activities and closed on Monday 10/9.

What’s Coming Up:

Interior elevator install and interior drywall of units.